About Us

Union Jack Pub in Speedway opened in 1981, 6 years after the idea was born.  Rick Rising-Moore and Tony Hulman were discussing Indianapolis Motor Speedway and trying to figure out what would improve the area.  They both decided a great asset to the area would be a racing themed restaurant.  With Rick’s background in the restaurant and beer industry and his love for all things racing, the Union Jack Pub in Speedway was born.   

During the 1980’s if a mechanic wanted to join a racing team, Union Jack Pub was where they would show up.  There they were guaranteed to see Indy Car owners and crew chiefs.  This is where many of their meetings, lunches and dinners were had.  If you had anything to do with the IMS, Union Jack Pub was the place to be and be seen.

These days Union Jack Pub hosts many patrons coming to watch or be a part of The Indy 500, Fall National Drag Race, Brickyard 400, Formula One and many other events in the area.