About Us

The Union Jack Pub – Speedway opened in 1981.  The concept of great pizza and racing all began from a conversation between Rick Rising-Moore and Tony Hulman in 1975.  The Indianapolis 500 Gordon Pipers brought these two gentlemen to become friends through their bagpipes. 

Mr. Hulman knew that Mr. Rising-Moore had a knack for bringing people together, creating a great place for food and beer and had a passion for racing.  Therefore the conversation over dinner in 1975 lead to the idea of a racing themed pub.  This idea became reality when the doors opened 6 years later.

During the early decades of Union Jack Pub – Speedway, you would find quite the assortment of patrons.  Wether you were a racing team owner, crew chief or driver, or even a mechanic looking to join a team, you would have surrounded yourself with the Speedway locals who were also there for a beer and some great food.  Everyone knows this was the place  to meet old and new friends a like.  Still true today, many business meetings and gatherings of friends over a good beer and pizza are happening daily at Union Jack Pub – Speedway.

Through the decades this time capsule has made the transition from a bar to a place to join your friends and family.  Maybe it’s one of the many game nights or karaoke that brings you in, or something to eat after the kids are done with sports, know this:

The Union Jack Pub -Speedway is still a favorite spot where you can enjoy an amazing Chicago style pizza, great conversation over a craft beer, all while taking in the ever changing racing decor.  The Rising-Moore family will continue to serve great food and drinks in this Speedway staple for many years to come.  So come on in and take a look around, you will enjoy your time with us.